And now for something completely different

Having blogged about objects last week, this week I’m going to do something of a little update as I’ve got two interesting things I want to talk about which I can’t  really link back to collections.

Firstly, I’ve added a new link to another National Trust Blog. It’s the blog for 575 Wandsworth Road and will cover all aspects of the conservation work going on there over the next few months. It’s really well written and well worth checking out, in fact here is the link! 

Secondly and this is a bit of a follow up from a blog I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Ever since I blogged about QR codes I seem to be seeing them everywhere. It might be they are just stuck in my conscious, but they seem to be popping out of everywhere. For example I’ve was reading mashable this morning and saw this article, its about a chap who has put a QR code on his mothers headstone which links to a website where people can read and add memories of her. I had to read it a couple of times, but the more I thought about it the more I thought it was actually a really nice idea.

A QR code in Pizza Express linked to their App.

It hasn’t just been there though, I was sitting in Pizza Express for lunch the other day and all of a sudden I noticed there was a QR code on the vase of flowers. The code itself took you to the Pizza Express App.

And it hasn’t stopped there either, my car was in the garage most of the weekend having the brakes fixed and I was ‘forced’ to watch excessive amounts of Saturday morning TV which consisted of a lot cookery shoes. I sat through the usual footage of someone cooking and talking through a recipe, thinking that the baked papardelle, proscuitto and porcini mushrooms looked really good and fairly simple to make. However where traditionally a program like this might direct viewers to it’s website, all of a sudden a QR code popped up!

A QR code on the TV, directing to a recipe for some rather tasty looking pasta!

You may have guessed I like my food from the above, but hopefully you’re more interested in the different ways QR codes are being used and are creeping out all over the place!

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