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All Change

Spring is in the air and many of our places opened their doors to the public after being closed for the Winter in the past week or so. Of course over the winter there have been a few changes over the winter and I thought it would be nice to talk about one or two of them.

The new exhibition at Quebec House

I went along to the opening of the new exhibition at Quebec House on Friday. This exhibition has replaced the older, interesting if a bit wordy exhibition with a new more modern exhibitions space.

The exhibition space also has a couple of screens showing video, it was a little too busy to fully enjoy them

I’ve attached a few photos of the day; it has some rather interesting bits. There’s an increased use of digital media including a couple of videos. However the thing I especially like is the banner of the Wolfe’s troops scaling the heights of Abraham, the banner being the same height of the very heights those men climbed just over 250 years ago.

One of the other major pieces of news is Ellen Terry’s Beetlewing Dress has been returned to Smallhythe Place after several years of conservation.


Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth wearing the Beetlewing Dress, painted by John Singer Sargent. © National Trust / Andrew Fetherston

Ellen Terry was one of the major names of the Theatre in the late 19th Century, and her beetlewing dress is perhaps her most iconic costumes. Smallhythe Place being her last home and containing a vast wealth of Terry memorabilia and being a very picturesque venue for a day out.

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