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Ones to Watch in 2011

As ever at the start of the year, various media outlets produce a list of top picks in 2011. Mashable the news website and blog which focuses on all that is new social, mobile and web wise have rather helpfully put together a list of the 95+ predictions for the web in 2011.

They’re all worth a read, however I picked out a couple which I think are the most interesting with regards to museums and heritage and in particular collections.  I’ve also dropped in a few examples and ideas how they could possibly benefit our work in engaging new audiences.

My first pick of the 95 predictions is in the category of predictions for social networks in 2011. I think the most interesting is number 6; that ‘mobile photo sharing will become all the rage’. I think this has loads of potential, especially when you consider the increasing relaxed rules with regards to photography at some of the trusts places.

I instantly thought of a blog entry written by Nina Simon about navigation by recommendation. The question she asked of the visitors at the museum was what they recommended they saw. However the main thing I liked was the pictures of people with their favourite object. I love the pictures of the visitors with their favourite objects, especially the chap in the AC/DC t-shirt with his favourite armoire.

When you think about it, the surge in numbers of people with smart phones (3 of the 4 people who I regularly share an office with currently have an Iphone) mobile photosharing means this sort of activity is far easier to do and is instantly sharable. You could even create a challenge on foursquare or scvngr for people to take pictures of their favourite object. I think it’s a bit more interesting than the traditional ‘collection highlights’.

Which brings me to my next interesting prediction from the 5 predictions for mobile in 2011. The most interesting thing I noted was the prediction of the increased use of the Ipad and the use of tablets.  I can’t really justify buying one myself (yet!) but they do however provide a relatively cheap way for places to engage digitally with audiences.

Major institutions are using them to display specifically designed app’s. The Brooklyn Museum took a simpler approach and updated 25 wikipedia pages with research they had gathered during the production of the seductive subversion exhibition. The information was displayed on an ipad during the exhibition for visitors to access. A simple but effective way of using new technology!

I suppose ipad’s bring me neatly to my last pick from the e-book predictions. The use of tablet devices and smart phones has also saw the rise of the e-book.  Way back shortly after I started this job in July I talked about if e-books could ever replace the real thing. It seems increasingly likely to me that e-books will replace your standard paperback novel, as sad as this will be for many people with new technology there are always opportunities. E-books and Ipads have made it relatively cheap for museums to digitize books/manuscripts  in storage or behind glass cases in a way not generally possible previously.

So those are some of the ones to watch in 2011 and a couple of possible applications. What are you’re ones to watch in 2011?

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