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Asking the right questions?

Facebook released a new version of facebook questions on Thursday which can be used on brand pages. The new version of Facebook questions has a couple of interesting features, as opposed to asking questions of people you don’t know, the whole set up of facebook questions is aimed at asking your friends. It also seems to have developed quite a response on facebook and number of questions already.

Just like using this Edwardian telephone to ask a friend for some advice or to answer a question, facebook friends allows you to ask all your friends any question you want! © National Trust / Andrew Fetherston

When asking a question, users can not only create a poll but also ask a question with an open ended answer. For instances like ‘a place to visit on a rainy day’ where the answer is short, users can use a web page or a place for the recommendation. For more open ended questions the response builds using the comments. With the increase in respondents the bar fills up blue as shown in the picture below. Questions that people answer automatically appear in their news feed and can be shared with their friends. A really popular question can generate lots of interest on the web.

The potential to gain information from your friends about your brand is certainly useful. Especially when considering one of the questions I always get asked when promoting social media is how do we know if people visit our properties after seeing a facebook update etc. Well now you can ask and the helpful folk at mashable have created this handy guide!

Interesting to see that Mac isn't far behind the PC in this response to a facebook question yesterday, also worth noting is the just over 22,000 respondents in only 15 hours.

Of course with everything it’s all about the type of responses you get, if a question is open you may not find out anything but if it is closed to restrain the diversity of response. Although you will get really useful information you also get silly responses too if a question is open ended.

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Video is Everywhere.

I’ve been giving the idea of video sharing a bit of thought recently, mostly since I’ve been editing a conservation video for Clandon Park, in fact I’ve attached the test version. Video sharing isn’t a new idea by any means, the often quoted fact is that youtube is the second most used search engine on the web.  What is new and is noticeable every time you go on facebook is that social networks are being used increasingly to share video between friends. I find the growing trend interesting for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it marks a growing change in the way we view videos, increasingly we are sharing videos via social media and the number of unique view from places like facebook and twitter are on the rise. If you want to share a video the best place to start it would appear is on these social media sites.

Secondly there is a growing trend to create ‘playlist’ of videos on social media websites for the benefit or your friends online. These tend to come in the form of music videos that the user likes or in some cases favourite film clips but people are also sharing videos that interest them and hopefully online friends. I find it interesting because these users are curating video clips and sharing them online.

With growing bandwidth it is now easier than ever to stream high quality videos at home. The increase in 3G enabled smartphone has also seen the increase in the idea of watching videos on the move. This doesn’t stop with the ability to watch videos through youtube or other social media sites though. As network access/speed increases and cameras get better in mobile devices the ability to make videos and upload them on the move will grow.

I really like the idea of user generated videos made on the move and uploaded via smartphones  and shared socially.  It could be used in any numbers of ways, like navigation by recommendation or even a crowd curated video competition.  In 2o11 video will be everywhere!

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The Mountains of Web 2.0

I was updating the title bar for my blog yesterday, as you will see above with images from our collections as opposed to the books which came as standard (which I’ve been meaning to do for the last few months). On logging on to wordpress I saw this featured blog. The geeky but very popular webcomic xkcd produced a new map of online social communites.

It’s an interesting if not entirely scientific representation of based on how popular communities are based on social interaction as opposed to total membership.  Another similar version of the above was also carried out by marketing firm Flotown, both show what has become the pre-eminence of facebook. What is really interesting is if you compare it to the 2007 version below.

Look at how small facebook is compared to Myspace, similarly twitter is notable by its non-existence, something that is hard to believe these days.  One of the other interesting things you notice about the 2010 version is the enlargement of size of things like farmville, social gaming is increasingly popular (as anyone who has a facebook account and is constantly spammed by request to join friends in games will know!).

One of my own favourite things is ‘the plain of awkward social family interaction’ as older users have flocked to facebook in recent years, it appears that the younger audience has dropped off. Maybe having your mother comment on your pictures proves too much for some!

Talking about facebook, it also has provided a platform for a new page for Edward Hussey III of Scotney Castle. The page will be updated a couple of times a week with information from Edwards diaries etc from Maidstone Archives between now and Christmas. It will add snippets of information about the construction of the new house at Scotney and also contain links to images in the collection. So if you want to know Edwards 13 objections to the old house at Scotney, please check out his page!

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