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A personal memorial at Scotney Castle.

Having been away a lot recently I’ve been negligent of updating the blog, so I thought I better update it straight away today.  First thing to mention is that there is now a London and South East Blog, which I will be contributing to this month. I’ll be using the blog as a platform to talk about some of our places and their links to the First World War, as part of the annual commemoration for Armistice.

So you may have beeen thinking this week’s entry is about the film staring Gerard Butler as an archaeologist being sent back in time to Medieval France. You’re probably glad to find out that it isn’t!

Having been impressed by the BBC’s history of the world timeline I’ve been recently searching for free alternative on the internet for developing something similar. I stumbled across this website, which has a list of 7 examples of timelines as well as links for three free website you can use to make your own interactive timeline.

Having used both Time Toast and Dipity, my personal favourite is Dipity. Time Toast may be okay for a basic timeline, but Dipity simply looks better and has a lot more features. I’ve included a screen shot below as wordpress doesn’t like Dipity HTML code.

Screenshot of my 18th Century Ceramics at Polesden Lacey Timeline

Alternatively have a look here, my own personal favourite view is the flip book view. However I also like the ability to switch to a map view, so you can see not only information about in this case an object, but also where it was made and also when it was made. I think it may be a slightly more interesting way for doing for instance objects of the month etc, what do you think?

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