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Video is Everywhere.

I’ve been giving the idea of video sharing a bit of thought recently, mostly since I’ve been editing a conservation video for Clandon Park, in fact I’ve attached the test version. Video sharing isn’t a new idea by any means, the often quoted fact is that youtube is the second most used search engine on the web.  What is new and is noticeable every time you go on facebook is that social networks are being used increasingly to share video between friends. I find the growing trend interesting for a couple of reasons.

Firstly it marks a growing change in the way we view videos, increasingly we are sharing videos via social media and the number of unique view from places like facebook and twitter are on the rise. If you want to share a video the best place to start it would appear is on these social media sites.

Secondly there is a growing trend to create ‘playlist’ of videos on social media websites for the benefit or your friends online. These tend to come in the form of music videos that the user likes or in some cases favourite film clips but people are also sharing videos that interest them and hopefully online friends. I find it interesting because these users are curating video clips and sharing them online.

With growing bandwidth it is now easier than ever to stream high quality videos at home. The increase in 3G enabled smartphone has also seen the increase in the idea of watching videos on the move. This doesn’t stop with the ability to watch videos through youtube or other social media sites though. As network access/speed increases and cameras get better in mobile devices the ability to make videos and upload them on the move will grow.

I really like the idea of user generated videos made on the move and uploaded via smartphones  and shared socially.  It could be used in any numbers of ways, like navigation by recommendation or even a crowd curated video competition.  In 2o11 video will be everywhere!

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Keeping Tuned!

One of the most popular things I think people use youtube for is listening to music and watching music videos. Certainly there are hours of footage from live concerts to people simply playing songs along with video of the lyrics. Just to prove the point here’s a very simple video of Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin’s Nocturne in EbM Op.9 No.2. 

The fact was brought home to me the other week while I was at Quebec House doing some filming. When I explained to a member of the public what I was doing her advice was simple “if you play some music over the top of it you’d get people to watch it”. So armed with my trusty HD video recorder that’s exactly what I’m planning to do…. 

Hatchlands Park is the home to the Cobbe Collection, among the collection are three piano’s closely related to one of the favourite composers of the 19th century Fryderik Chopin. 

Broadwood used by Chopin during his London Recitals © National Trust/Jane Mucklow


I can’t think of personally a better way to connect with musical items in a collection than actually seeing and hearing them played. In fact Hatchlands already has an audio guide. So the idea is to use the a combination of images and footage to create a 3 minute video for in this case Chopin’s pianos for web use. It’s not going to be a full concert, in fact the if the video above is anything to go by the more simple a video is the better, but it will hopefully bring the objects to life. I’ll let you know how I get on, so keep tuned!

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Opening the Generals Bedroom!

Its been a while since my last post as I’ve been away at Fort George in Scotland. I thought I best make up for this and put a new post up. I’ve finally managed to cobble together my first video using the very basic editing package on that used to come with windows media player. So here it is…….

I think its come out quite well considering it was done with a handheld camera and some basic software. What do you think?

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You can prove anything with statistics!

It may be that I’ve had numbers on my mind, but recently everywhere I go I’ve come across statistics. From the episode of ‘Yes Primeminister’ I watched the other night to a meeting on Friday where I was casually asked how many hits Quebecs introduction video I’d uploaded a weeks ago had now. Through to reading about culture24 starting research into how museums measure success online.

It got me thinking as to how useful statistics actually are in relation to a Heritage/Museum Youtube channel and what they can prove. Certainly Youtube is excellent if you want to find out information about how many people have been looking at your video (108 so far). Just look at the some of the insight information for the Quebec video below!

Insight information from Youtube

It makes for an interesting read; it tells me where hits have came from and it tells me the video is most popular with 13-17 year old males. It tells me where hits have came from and it also tells me where in the world people who watch the video are from (hits from Canada, USA, Finland and even Saudi Arabia!).However it won’t tell me how many of these people will then go and visit Quebec House and chances are I will probably never know.  Arguably people from around the world will probably never visit Quebec House after seeing a video on Youtube. This got me thinking, I wonder if this is the only measure of success?Other factors can also be used to judge success. Virtual visit themselves are important; they expand access to audiences who may not have the ability to travel to a place to see it in reality. So in these terms virtual visits from places like Saudi Arabia and Canada are a success in themselves. 

You can prove anything with statistics, but how should we measure success? Should it be a numbers game or should other measures be used?

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Who was General James Wolfe?

I visited Quebec House on Friday and after a bit of confusion finding my way from the car park to the House I was very impressed with what I saw. I may be a bit of a military history geek, but I thought the place was really interesting. For those who haven’t made the trip to General James Wolfe’s childhood home I highly recommend it. You can even drink port (although I didn’t as I was driving!).

One of things that came out of my visit was using youtube to set up a channel specifically for Quebec House, which I have done. I have also uploaded an introduction video produced by the BBC, which can be seen below (It has 17 hits so far!).

I’m going to do three different simple videos using items from the collections to tell some of the stories and themes relating to Wolfe and his story. One about the long Siege of Quebec in 1759 which ended with the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, but is largely forgotten in the Wolfe story. Then one highlighting the destruction of Quebec, something perhaps felt most by the inhabitants of Quebec today and still a sticky subject if the calling off of the 2009 re-enactment in Quebec is anything to go from. The third and final video is going to involve a placement student talking about some of the art work surrounding Wolfe.

I’ll let you know how I get on with creating my videos, but I’m open to any suggestions which might help! Which do you think will get the most interest?

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